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HomeGrown: How to Start a Vegetable Garden eBook + free Garden Planner!

HomeGrown: How to Start a Vegetable Garden eBook + free Garden Planner!

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This ebook will teach you everything you need to know to have a successful and abundant vegetable garden!

Imagine if you:

  • You had the framework you needed to start your garden from the beginning

  • You could easily figure out the best spot for your new garden…

  • Could quickly determine what plants would grow best in your location…

  • Could effectively keep track of all your plants and seeds…

  • Could stay organized with a DIY planting schedule…

  • Could quickly plan out the layout of your garden using graph paper…

  • Stay on budget with expense trackers and material lists…

  • And could reflect on the season with journaling prompts…

FREE with purchase: 15 page Ultimate Garden Planner to keep you organized!

This HomeGrown eBook includes:

  • Chapter 1: Location, Location, Location

  • Chapter 2: Determining What To Grow

  • Chapter 3: Raised Beds vs. In-Ground vs. Permanent Beds

  • Chapter 4: Designing Your Garden

  • Chapter 5: Seeds vs Seedlings

  • Chapter 6: Before You Plant - Soil Matters

  • Chapter 7: Successful Planting

  • Chapter 8: Care & Watering

  • Chapter 9: Proven Pest & Disease Strategies

  • Chapter 10: The Animal Based Garden Approach

  • Chapter 11: Conclusion

You could have the garden of your dreams!! Plan a successful garden, harvest organic produce, successfully care and maintain your garden, all while staying organized! No more guessing or wondering, just personalized, easy and effective help to you with your first vegetable garden.

This will continue to be a wonderful resource as I hopefully move out of the “beginner” stage. I loved it because it didn’t just tell me what to do, it gave me the tools and frameworks to make my own decisions based on my unique yard. Amy J.

I'm loving the bundle! This has helped me so much. Julie N

Thank you sooo much for all that you have done and for sharing!!! You are awesome! I purchased your ebook on how to start a garden and I loved it and printed out the planning ebook. Janice L.





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