Ethical Omnivore Meat Club

The Highest Quality Lamb, Pork, Chicken & Beef

The Ethical Omnivore Meat Club subscription box is a pasture-to-plate experience. Get regenerative, pasture raised meats delivered to your door step all throughout Alberta, Canada. 

 Get access to even more pre-made box options, the ability to add on extras to your box,  customized swap out capabilities, and a free spice rub!

Choose your frequency and you're good to go! Pause, cancel, or change your subsciption at any time. No strings attached!

How this works

Get Sage & Shepherd Ranch meats shipped directly from our pasture to your plate every 30, 60, or 90 days. For residents of Alberta, Canada only.

The Ethical Omnivore Meat Club is a meat subscription program that offers you peace of mind. Meats delivered to your door without you worrying about what’s for dinner. Our meat is for the person who wants healthy, ethically raised, and regenerative meat! 

Travelling? Have to much meat? Need a break? We get it! You can pause, skip, cancel at any time - no strings attached. Want to try something new? Swap the box your subscribed to any time by emailing us!

  • #1. Choose Your Box

    Choose from one of our many pre-made box options below.

  • #2. Delivery Frequency

    Get your meat box delivered every 30, 60, or 90 days. Skip, pause, cancel at any time.

  • #3. Select Any Add-Ons

    Choose from up to 10 of our most popular add-ons to customize your box.

  • #4. Swap Outs

    Something you really want to switch? Let us know what you want swapped out.

Meat Club Subscription Boxes

Subscriber Perks

- Choose a delivery frequency that suits your schedule.

- Swap out any item in your box as per preferences.

- Lots of add-on's to choose from to make your box custom.


FREE Organic Spice Rub

FREE Meat Cooking Temperature Magnet

FREE Recipe Cards

The Ethical Omnivore Meat Club is for you if…

- You want to ditch grocery store meat + eat healthier meat 

- You care about the way animals are raised

- You care about the environment and farming practices

- You want to make a difference in the farming industry

By subscribing you are supporting a local Alberta ranch, and putting your money into regenerative agriculture which improves soil and supports humanly raised animals living the way they were meant to live. 

PLUS you don’t have to leave your house to get good quality pasture raised meats shipped to you door, and you don’t have to worry about what is for dinner - because you have a stocked freezer, baby!