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Longhorn Skulls: Cleaned + Polished

Longhorn Skulls: Cleaned + Polished

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Beautiful longhorn skulls right from our ranch!! Each one is beautifully unique and tells its own story.

We love to using the whole animal, so what better way than to cleaned the beautiful head and horns. Hang it in tour house, office, anywhere!! 

A little piece of the ranch to bring home. 

Prices vary depending on skull and length, take a peek through them all!

Please note: Shipping to be calculated based on location, approx. $40-90

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Raised by real, local ranchers

That's us. Mack & Abby. We are the first generation, husband and wife duo who run the ranch. It isn’t always easy but we do it because we love it. 

We raise the cows, sheep and pigs, we pack the orders, and we are the ones you will meet on pick up day. The meat you get is what we feed our family every day.